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A BMX bike is an off-road sport bicycle used for racing and stunt. the International BMX Federation was founded, and their first world championships were held in 1982.We kicked off our first year by releasing Triumph Bars and Morning Forks.

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Corben Sharrah competes at the 2017 UCI BMX Championships on July 29, 2017 in Rock Hill, South Carolina.Number of Events: First State Nationals - ABA Pro UCI Series Number.After years of dreaming, months of practice, and several missed attempts that racked up injury after injury, the world-first BMX quad backflip has been.

Check out some of the action that went down during the first day of BMX practice at X Games Minneapolis 2017.

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These days, with very specific requirements for Race BMX, Freestyle BMX, and Dirt BMX.

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No words can describe the amount of fear and outrage I would have if this became a reality.

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Only two BMX riders in the world have ever landed a triple backflip: Nitro athletes Jed Mildon and James Foster.

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New Zealander Jed Mildon became the first BMX rider to land a quadruple backflip after nailing the trick on his fourth try.Started in 1975 in a SoCal garage, Mongoose has a BMX bicycle for everyone.


For the first time in 16 years, the UCI BMX World Championships were held in the United States, at the premier BMX facility in the USA, Rock Hill.

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Road cyclists and even mountain bikers use multiple sensors to measure, track, and analyze every single movement they make during a ride.

Solid was one of the first bmx companies that was built from the ground up.With the help of family,friends and lots of.BMX Products was one of the first bike companies to sponsor BMX racing in the early 1980s, and very soon Mongoose bikes began to dominate the sport.Play online bmx games, dirt bike games, car games, parking games, and motorbike games.Kyle Baldock qualifies first in Fruit of the Loom BMX Dirt, Friday at X Games Minneapolis 2017.Tips on picking your first bike. theres a lot of questions you should ask yourself like, what frame should i get, what do frame dimensions do, how to make.

Haro Bikes - The Rise of BMX Freestyle - Volume 2, rejoins the Haro story in early 1987, shortly after Bob Haro had negotiated the sale of the company to the mighty West Coast Cycle distribution empire.Whatch the action how ever you want with first person views,.Origins in California, motocross inspiration, worldwide spread, official international sport, Olympic history.The first FIT product released was the Made in USA, SERIES ONE frame.Kayden Gonzales of Tehachapi won the first BMX race of his young career on Friday, Nov. 11, capturing the 7-year-old novice division at Metro BMX in Bakersfield.In April 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded, and the first world championships were held in 1982.With the 2014 USA BMX Summit coming up later this week in Louisville, we wanted to take a look at a program that was announced at the very first summit.